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6 Awesome Modular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles


6 Awesome Modular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

The most recent modular kitchen ideas aren't necessarily futuristic, but they certainly have a sleek aesthetic. It is also true for modern kitchen cabinet doors. The cabinet doors are the most visible aspect of a modern kitchen design and must consider after completion.


Consider The Following Varieties Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors:


1.    Shaker Cabinet Door Design

Because of its clean, timeless lines, Shaker is the most popular cabinet door style. It works well in modern, transitional, and classic contexts. A Shaker door, sometimes known as a "five-piece," is a flat panel with a rail and stile frame. Because of its simplicity can work with a wide range of kitchen designs depending on how you personalize the cabinet & what other kitchen design components you match it with.

Shaker-style cabinets can be made more modern or classic by using different edge detailing inside the frame. The width of the frame can also affect the overall mood of the cabinet. Shaker cabinet doors are available in wood and white and paired with flat panel drawer fronts.

White Shaker-style cabinets are renowned for their adaptability and timeless design; dust and grime can build up inside the frame, making it difficult to keep clean. Even if you don't mind the upkeep, this kitchen chameleon will match almost any modular kitchen layout and endure a long time.


2.    Cabinets With Beadboard

If you need your new kitchen to have a quaint cottage or modern farmhouse vibe, consider beadboard kitchen cabinets. These cabinets, inspired by traditional beadboard used on walls, can be used in either a modern or traditional home.

They are inexpensive because they overlay cabinet doors with grooved panels at the front, which are structurally comparable to conventional flat-front doors. Pair this pattern with old brass cup pulls to complete the cottage look.

Beadboard cabinets can be stained or painted, with white being the most prevalent. Try emerald green or blue instead of white beadboard, which can be challenging to keep clean with all of its microscopic grooves.


3.    Doors For Slab Cabinets

Slab cabinet doors are likely to come to mind when thinking of a sleek, modern kitchen. This cabinet style, often known as flat-panel cabinets, is constructed from a single, smooth piece of wood, plywood, or MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

Flat panels come in various finishes, such as gloss white, grey, colored lacquer, and natural wood tones. The unadorned cabinet front looks sophisticated with no visible hardware or as a clean backdrop for statement hardware.

Flat-panel cabinets are typically associated with a stark, minimalist look, but this is not always the case. May spiced up this plain cabinet with different colors and wood finishes. Despite their high-end appearance, flat-panel cabinets do not have to be expensive.


4.    Cupboard Doors With Raised Panels

The name references the feature that distinguishes these cabinet doors. Instead of a flat surface, there is a raised panel in the center. Raised panel cabinet doors look great in both traditional and transitional kitchens. The high central panel of these doors has been shortened to fit within the frame. Raised panel doors are among the earliest types of doors typically found in older homes. Choose distressed wood for a rustic, old-country look.


5.    Cabinet Doors Made Of Glass

Glass cabinet doors, whether conventional or contemporary, serve as the closest thing to a freestanding pantry without being one.

Homeowners undecided between open shelves & closed cabinets can have the best of both worlds by displaying their cookware and dishware on open shelves and not worrying about dust building up within.

Smart lighting recommends maximum effect. Glass cabinet doors, on the other hand, necessitate extensive maintenance, particularly in the kitchen. A glass-fronted cabinet also involves keeping the contents of the cupboard organized at all times, which is troublesome when it comes time to replace kitchen cabinet doors.


6.    Cabinet Doors in the Past

Traditional-style cabinets are known for their warmth and timeless appeal, which can help create an elegant yet homey look. Traditional cabinets are an excellent choice if you want a more formal look and want to incorporate furniture-inspired features such as ornate legs and corbels into your space.



When it comes to kitchen cabinet door designs, the choices are limitless! Cabinet Doors Types, along with door style, is an important structural component to consider when selecting new cabinet doors. Door types refer to the construction and fit of your cabinet doors about the cabinet frame. When selecting cabinet doors, another element to consider is matching the door style and type to the overall decor of your kitchen.


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