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How to Choose Best Kitchen Countertops All You Need to Know


How to Choose Best Kitchen Countertops All You Need to Know

Picking the right kitchen countertop can be tested. Yet, before going a little overboard on such a significant update — regularly one of the most costly parcels of a kitchen redesign — see beneath for a portion of the top kitchen countertop materials to assist you with choosing the right one for your space. Regarding selecting the best surface for your kitchen counter, it's critical to look past both prominence and reasonableness. Countertops set the vibe for the kitchen, so pick materials and a look that mirrors your style, yet follow how you utilize the kitchen.

Granite, for example, has ruled in the kitchen plan world for a really long time. For some, however, the sticker price is a financial plan buster, regardless of the case that it adds to the resale worth of your home. Luckily, the vibe of granite (or stone-like marble) is feasible to accomplish for less—regardless of whether through mind-boggling finished laminate designs, engineered stone surf pros like quartz, or strong surf pros that can be formed to your determinations to incorporate highlights like a coordinated sink or backsplash.

For a more one-of-a-kind look and feel, other kitchen countertops worth considering are stainless steel for added business advance, woods like butcher square to add warmth or glass (or reused glass) countertops for an assertion-making option in the kitchen. Zinc or bamboo countertops are later attractive increases to the countertop collection.


Countertop Materials

Here is a synopsis of work area surf pros and how they stand up in the kitchen climate. Remember, countertops might direct the kitchen plan and are sometimes picked before cabinetry.


Granite Countertop

Riding an influx of prevalence throughout the previous quite a while as the surface for countertops, granite is accessible in a few grades, for the most part, 1 through 5 (appraisals rely upon where you get it), examples, shadings, and thicknesses. Contingent upon what you pick, a chunk can cost you somewhere in the range of $25 per square foot for measured bits of exceptionally essential stone bought at a home place to upwards of $1,000 per square foot. Thickness can genuinely drive up the expense. Assuming that you need granite on a careful spending plan, you should seriously think about a three-quarter-inch thick piece rather than an inch-and-a-half section, where you're bound to get your cashback at resale.


·         Sensational, high-status countertop choice and will in general further develop home resale esteem

·         The hard surface is both hot and scratch-safe

·         Low-support

·         A characteristic material with the ageless allure


·         As a permeable material, granite should be fixed once in a while to keep up with its surface

·         Costly

·         Improper fixing can permit long-lasting stains


Secluded Granite

Bigger than tile, yet more slender than section, particular granite countertops is one more countertop choice of unique interest to DIYers. More straightforward to introduce than piece granite, secluded granite tiles are more extensive than customary granite tiles. Measured granite is more affordable than piece granite and more straightforward for property holders to introduce themselves.


·         More affordable than customary granite

·         More straightforward to DIY

·         Scratch-safe like customary granite


·         Probably won't work with non-standard countertops

·         Can more effectively break than section granite

·         Has noticeable creases

·         Restricted style choices

·         It can be hard to track down

·         May not offer a similar home resale esteem as chunk granite


Granite Tile

These tiny tiles are comparable to ceramic tiles, making them simpler for DIY installers. This is the most economical of the granite choices.


·         More affordable than piece granite

·         Assortment of shadings and examples

·         Solid

·         Reasonable for DIY establishment


·         Doesn't have a similar consistent, smooth look of piece granite, with noticeable grout lines

·         Doesn't improve home resale esteem as much as section granite


Sharpened Granite

A wind on well-known cleaned granite, sharpened granite gives a delicate, matte completion rather than the traditional reflexive look. Like cleaned granite, sharpened granite is similarly impervious to scratching, chipping, breaking, and hotness, making it quite possibly the most challenging kitchen countertop option around.


·         Wide assortment of tones and styles

·         High resale esteem

·         Solid


·         Requires resealing all the more frequently

·         More inclined to staining

·         More significant expense than cleaning granite


Quartz Countertops

Frequently considered an option in contrast to granite, quartz countertops are famous kitchen countertops. More solid and enduring than granite, quartz is perhaps the most challenging material on the planet, settling on it a practical decision for a kitchen countertop.

Since quartz countertops are produced, the shading and example prospects are boundless, including assortments practically indistinguishable from granite or marble. Brands incorporate Cambria Quartz, Silestone, Avanza, CaesarStone, LG Viatera, and DuPont Zodiac.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of quartz surf pros is that they are stain-and hotness safe, making them simple to keep up with. The non-permeable nature of quartz likewise makes it exceptionally impervious to shape and microscopic organisms tainting.


·         Tests and conveyed item something similar (what you see is the thing that you get)

·         Mid-range cost

·         No fixing required

·         Non-permeable

·         Impervious to stains and scratches


·         Creases can be more noticeable

·         Shading and example consistency can look counterfeit



Laminates Countertops

The surface regularly alluded to by the brand-name Formica is plastic-covered and accessible in a scope of shadings—including surf laminates countertops look like granite. If your financial plan is tight and you're doing a no-fuss kitchen upgrade, this is an answer reachable. You'll need to gauge the resale upsides and downsides: Does your home estimation require granite? (It's anything but an ill-conceived notion to look at land comparables.)


·         Simple to keep up with

·         A wide assortment of styles is accessible

·         Cheap

·         Simple to introduce


·         Not dependable

·         Difficult to fix

·         Vulnerable to consumption and delamination, mainly from water harm

Marble Countertops

Notice marble, and you will handily invoke dreams of flawless figures and rich columns. The polish sensation is the same while picking a marble countertop, ideal for a good kitchen plan. Marble arrives in an assortment of beautiful surf pros and tones, including beige, smooth white, dark, and record dim. Consider utilizing a dark-conditioned marble countertop in a kitchen with white cupboards and a white metro tile backsplash for a consistent and robust look all through the kitchen.

Marble can be expensive, so you might need to consider a more financial plan cordial choice, like Carrara marble. In addition to the circumstance that these marbles have the vibe of their pricier sibling, their different shading and surface choices can camouflage unattractive chips and stains that are normal to the delicate idea of conventional marble. It is essential to clean regular stone countertops, similar to marble, with a gentle fluid cleanser and water. Be sure additionally to seal marble every year. Assuming your kitchen is inclined to heavy traffic and food planning, then, at that point, a high-upkeep marble countertop probably won't be the most ideal choice for your kitchen surface.

Marble countertops have, nonetheless, demonstrated useful to pastry specialists who lean toward a surface for carrying out bread and treat batters.


·         Outstanding, exemplary, top of the line look

·         Extraordinary turn out surface for cooks

·         Assortment of texture and shading

·         Regular material

·         Can expand property estimation


·         Costly

·         It should be fixed routinely

·         High-support

·         Stains and scratches without any problem

·         Extremely weighty



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