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Stainless Steel And Other Options For Your Kitchen Sink


Stainless Steel And Other Options For Your Kitchen Sink

For almost a century, stainless steel sinks have been workhorses in modern kitchen design. While stainless steel sinks will always be a classic feature, especially for those on a tight budget or who need a long-lasting sink, some homeowners prefer stainless steel in favor of the current trends in kitchen sinks.


Please don't get us wrong. We're not suggesting stainless steel sinks are out of style; they're more like white kitchens, "always in style." However, based on previous customer choices, those who pass on stainless sink options appear to choose imaginative alternatives that bring a little more color to their kitchen design.


Investigating Various Sink Options For Your Kitchen Renovation

We look at several trends beyond stainless steel and alternate materials and treatments that can offer a little something extra to your kitchen sink.


Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are still popular because they are so flexible, complementing both classic and modern design trends. Furthermore, their large, open container-like basins can hold dishes from even the busiest kitchens. Primarily offered farmhouse sinks were in stainless steel or white porcelain until recently. They are now available in various finishes, including fired clay, natural stone, copper, and even wood!


Textured Apron Fronts

While we're on farmhouse sink variations, we can't ignore the rise in textured "apron fronts," which are the exposed facing pieces of the farmhouse sink in front of the countertop. Most build into the sink, but we like the Elkay Crosstown Kitchen Sink Apron Cover for a flexible apron alternative. Farmhouse Sink in Stainless Steel with Interchangeable Apron. You may now have the best of both worlds, with apron fronts that reflect changing kitchen design trends.


Work Station Sinks & Accessories

Workstation sinks to improve the functionality of any kitchen and are especially useful in small spaces and accessible kitchen designs. Not only do slide-over cutting boards, drainboards, and colander inserts improve functionality, but they also serve to keep kitchen messes to a minimum.


Accompanying racks can help keep food or metal cookware off the sink's surface, making it simpler to maintain the brand-new look of porcelain or other light-colored sink finishes.


Stone Finish Sinks

Granite sinks spring to mind while discussing various finishes. While composite sinks are not made of granite, they contain granite particles and crystals. As a result, homeowners can have a non-porous (hygienic) sink in almost any color and finish, including natural stone looks.


Many homeowners who pick granite or quartz countertops like their sink's ability to blend in with their countertop. What's another advantage of granite and quartz sinks? They may be used in practically any environment, making them incredibly functional and available in various forms and shapes.


Seamless Sink Integration

While traditional kitchen designs incorporate more textures, decorative accents, and an eclectic "mix and match" or "intended defects," ardent modernists and some homeowners prefer kitchens

as smooth as possible.


If this is the case for you, explore beyond the sink solutions you are familiar with and consider seamless sink integration. From a health aspect, countertop and sink gaps are sites where filth, food debris, moisture, and mold/mildew can accumulate.


Get The Farmhouse Kitchen You've Always Wanted

With these five steps to a farmhouse kitchen, achieving this appearance in your new kitchen design is more accessible.

A Diverse Blend

Around 2014, farmhouse kitchens took over the design world. The modern farmhouse style combines heightened elegance with historic charm and an inviting unassuming sense. It isn't your grandmother's rustic kitchen!


Mix diverse, improbable elements to create an environment that appears to cultivate over time. It works best when mixing old and modern pieces in the same room. Consider combining a mid-century contemporary stool with a substantial Victorian light fixture!


Incorporate open shelves into the design of your new farmhouse kitchen to make it feel more spacious and cozier. It can be accomplished by removing some of the doors from existing cabinets or, if space permits, by adding new open shelving. If you don't want exposed shelves, you can replace existing doors with glass cabinets.


Aside from the existing cabinets, the original farmhouse kitchens generally required additional storage. Who couldn't benefit from extra storage? Add freestanding cabinetry for an authentic farmhouse vibe, such as a butler's bar. It is an excellent opportunity to incorporate elements that appeal to you, allowing you to design a farmhouse kitchen that is entirely personal and meets your individual needs.


Neutral Palette Signature

The distinctive farmhouse kitchen combines vintage components with distressed finishes, bringing the old world into the twenty-first century. Begin by adding glazed or rustic wood-coated cabinets to carry this theme throughout your new room.


The subtle color palette contributes to a classic appeal with splashes of color such as robin's egg blue or a lovely mint. Barnwood cabinetry is an excellent alternative for farmhouse kitchen ideas!


Natural And Industrial

You don't have to be afraid of mixing old and new with Farmhouse design. Using various materials and finishes will give the area a cultured, accumulated-over-time sense. Shiplap, barn doors, wrought iron fittings, and hardware are materials.

Everything Is In The Details

When it comes to design, details are essential; therefore, include them in your new farmhouse kitchen! Consider adding beautiful millwork or traditional style moldings, casing, and trim throughout the space to give it a vintage feel. Vintage accents, such as a reclaimed wood sign or embroidered lace window treatments, are ideal for tying the entire design together.


The gathering area is the critical focal point of a farmhouse kitchen and one of our favorite design aspects. This meeting place is traditionally located in the kitchen and can include a large island or table if there is adequate space. That is why the kitchen is considered the heart of the home.


Use Rustic And Antique Decor

Integrate some rustic decor into your design to truly capture the farmhouse aesthetic. Search local yard sales, antique stores, and flea markets for the appropriate vintage pieces to complement your decor. These decorations, which can range from a southern-inspired sign to family antiques passed down through the centuries, are what genuinely tie the farmhouse style together and make it distinctively yours.


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