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Why Choose Thermofoil-PVC Kitchen


Why Choose Thermofoil-PVC Kitchen

Per square meter, the kitchen is by a wide margin the most complicated and costly room in any home, and cabinets are at the highest point of most agendas regarding a kitchen redesign or another plan. While choosing cabinets, it isn't simply vital to think about the financial plan – life span, solidness, and continuous allure are similarly essential.

Prudent, excellent, and extreme thermofoil kitchen cabinets are made with medium density fibreboard (MDF), overlaid with a dainty film of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These materials are heat-melded to make a smooth and solid completion. Thermofoil has progressed significantly in the last decade, from an expansion in the assortment of styles and plans to the enormous choice of shadings and completions – all accessible at always reasonable costs.

Kitchen cabinets assume a fundamental part in the usefulness of your kitchen. As well as being a dependable stockpiling answer for the space, kitchen cabinets contribute the most significant plan component to the existing kitchen. Like this, it is essential to pick cabinets not just with a specific tasteful allure that will cause the space to feel new, yet likewise are solid and extensive enough to give common sense and dependable use. While there are numerous kitchen cabinet styles and wraps up to look over, Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are an excellent decision for your kitchen renovation project.

Regular wood cabinets have been the highest quality level for kitchens for some time. Nonetheless, thermofoil parts are changing the scene of how present-day kitchens are being planned and developed. They can look and feel similarly on a par with wood and deal such countless more benefits.

Low Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

Contemplate how long you spend cleaning your kitchen. That time can be shorted with thermofoil kitchen cabinet establishment. Since the vinyl surface of these cabinets is staggeringly impervious to stains and simple to wipe down, thermofoil cabinets don't need close to as much upkeep as other kitchen cabinet choices.

Dampness Resistant

One reason why thermofoil cabinets are so well known in the two kitchens and washrooms is a result of their magnificent protection from dampness, so you don't need to stress over them distorting. This is additionally a motivation behind why thermofoil cabinets are famous in moist environments, like Barbados. Remember, while they are more dampness-safe than plain MDF or wood kitchen cabinets, they are not altogether waterproof.

Distinctive Design And Color Options

Thermofoil cabinets are accessible in a broad s14edcope of shading and plan choices. The vinyl surface of these cabinets might be formed into an assortment of examples and shapes, which permit you the decision of a fundamental level cabinet or one with an engaging plan, and you have the choice of a matte or lustrous completion. Thermofoil cabinets are ordinarily accessible in an assortment of tones, from fundamental white to conceals that repeat the appearance of regular wood.


Thermofoil cabinets are a financial plan well-disposed decision regarding quality kitchen cabinets. A negligible portion of the expense of customary wooden units, thermofoil cabinets are a more reasonable choice for new kitchen developments. Supplanting wood boards with thermofoil can be an extraordinary expense saver for kitchen repairs. Maybe the most outstanding aspect of thermofoil cabinets, particularly for homeowners redesigning their kitchen on a careful spending plan, is their reasonable expense. Typically, these kitchen cabinets cost about 66%, not precisely traditional kitchen cabinetry. These kitchen cabinets offer an appealing and durable answer for homeowners who need to tidy up their kitchen without broadening themselves monetarily.


Innovative advances in thermoforming procedures have made it feasible for makers to precisely recreate the appearance of traditional materials like wood and stone. The high-grade, practical completions are excellent that it is difficult to differentiate between thermofoil surfaces and their regular partners.


Top-notch thermofoil boards can be utilized for a very long time and come in different tones, surfaces, and plans. Intense choices –, for example, commending driftwood finish thermofoil kitchen cabinets with a distinct brushed steel thermofoil ledge – are a fashioner's joy.

Low Maintenance

The outer layer of thermofoil is non-permeable and handily kept clean by cleaning it with a clammy fabric. The consistent joints and corners of thermofoil cabinets also forestall any microbes or microorganisms, which is vital in kitchen applications.

Impervious To Warping

An excellent thermofoil finish is accomplished by utilizing hotness, vacuum, and positive layer strain to meld the PVC to the MDF board. An all-around made thermofoil board has a center that has acquired inflexibility from the expansion of the PVC covering and a surface that is consistent and invulnerable to dampness, making it less inclined to twisting.



Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are produced to endure moistness and temperature changes, making them impenetrable to spills, regardless of how hot the fluid is. The extreme PVC film likewise makes the parts impervious to erosion, bright light, and scratches.

Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are better than wooden cabinets in countless significant ways, which is the reason they are the picked answer for driving property engineers, kitchen planners, and millwork experts all over the planet. The present thermofoil boards arrive in a choice of sheens that incorporate silk, matte, and shine, in the sense of taste of shadings to suit any plan.


Get The Best Contractors

At ASASA Kitchen, our thermofoil boards are accessible in a choice of 70+ shadings and an assortment of 30 distinct styles. We likewise do custom profiles, and our parts are gathering prepared and require no cutting or edge-banding, setting aside your time and cash.

Our experts have many years of involvement and can assist you with planning and producing any custom request to guarantee the correct answer for your kitchen project. We are the top renovation contractors in Toronto.

We have assisted clients with saving a considerable number of dollars with our quality thermofoil parts. Allow us to help you – converse with an ASASA Kitchen master today. As may be obvious, there are many motivations to add thermofoil cabinets to your space during your next kitchen redesign. Assuming you are keen on quality thermofoil kitchen cabinets, we takes care of you! We introduce an assortment of styles, shadings, and plans for thermofoil cabinets. To dive more deeply into our kitchen rebuilding administrations, get in touch with us!



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