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ASASA is a trusted name in kitchen renovation and remodeling in Toronto, Markham and GTA. We have gained this reputation through years of provision of quality kitchen construction services. We cover all the areas of kitchen construction from kitchen remodel to kitchen refacing. The clients of ASASA kitchens who have once availed our service cannot think of going to anyone else. It is because the level of satisfaction that they felt. Our professional team always puts client’s demands on top of everything and deliver them no matter what. Some of our services are following:

  • kitchen design
  • kitchen construction
  • kitchen remodel
  • kitchen refacing
  • kitchen renovation

All these and many other services of ASASA kitchens are facilitating clients in Toronto and surroundings. We have an excellent past record in kitchen construction services and a proof of that is given in detail as follows:

A client from contacted us and asked us to replace kitchen cabinets. ASASA kitchens as always provided a highly efficient service at a reasonable rate. This client became so satisfied that he contacted us to know about the whole kitchen and living room remodelling service. We provided him with free 3D consultation and cost estimation. Our highly professional team guided him about the possible cost required to turn his dream kitchen into a reality. We provided him best possible suggestions regarding all the suitable positioning of items during remodelling. Shortly, we offered him a full view of his kitchen and living room after remodelling.

He really appreciated the highly client-oriented approach of our company and asked us to come to his aid for the kitchen renovation and living room remodelling. We took his offer and incorporated the expertise of ASASA Construction for living room remodelling. This response of our clients is not unusual rather very common because of the way we deal with our clients. We put their happiness and convenience over ours, and that makes client fell that it is in good hands. Our unprecedented ability to deliver on all our promises has also strengthened our case in front of clients.

Kitchen Remodelling

When ASASA kitchens took over the job of kitchen renovation and remodelling, that is how it looked:

Our highly competent and dedicated team took up to the challenge and started working on remodelling. Firstly, we gathered all the requirements from the client about the overall look, budget, colour scheme, tiling etc. We also inquired about the new additions to the kitchen that was not previously present.  Collecting all the necessary information, we started working on kitchen remodelling. We demolished the old kitchen completely to make sure that we start from scratch.

After tearing the whole kitchen down, this is the point from where we started remodelling:

The step by step progress of the process afterwards is explained following:

Kitchen Cabinet

We started off from cabinets. We provided the best quality kitchen cabinet according to the budget allocated.  ASASA presented the idea of glass cabinet doors, and after approval from the client, we installed them. The colour of cabinet doors, drawers were white on client’s input. The cabinet top was brown quartz and rest of the cabinet was white. This exciting contrast appeared to be really eye-catching, and the client loved it. Glass is used in four cupboards above the cabinet to give a broader look. The client was exposed to the thought of adding lazy Susan revolving cabinets, and he agreed. So, we proceeded with it by providing high quality detailing and finishing. Pull out garbage bin was installed with revolving cabinets for client’s convenience.

We suggested the client add backsplash for the cabinet, and we installed a white and brown backsplash. The quality of tiles used was topnotch, and texture was slimy to make cleaning easier. LED pot lights with colour variations were installed above the cabinet. The lights were connected underneath the cupboards to illuminate the whole cabinet. We try to keep track of time during our operations to deliver service timely. We were highly considerate of client’s input and provided all our services with client’s consent.

New Island Addition

After completing the kitchen cabinets, we started installing a new island. Firstly, the position of the island was determined by consulting client. After getting his consent, we planned to install the island where the kitchen wall was present previously. We installed the island in such a way that it made the kitchen look more spacious. We left a little more working space between the island and cabinets for client’s convenience. The white and brown quartz colour scheme of the island was done in accordance with the cabinet.

This colour coordination gave harmony to look of the kitchen’s interior. The island size was precisely managed so that it not too big nor too small according to the size of the overall kitchen. Three pendant lights were added according to client’s demand. The colour scheming of pendant lights was done in accordance to LED pot lights above a cabinet.

Cabinet Corners

The cabinet corners were made fully functional by installing stove and refrigerator on both sides. It not only covered the empty spaces perfectly but also made things more convenient for the client. The detailing was top-class and both items settled perfectly in their respective places. You can see the look of it after installation as below :

Sink Relocation

After adding a new island, we moved on to a relocation of the sink. We moved the sink from countertop to the island to add more cooking space on the countertops. Moving the sink to the new island gave the kitchen a complete new and fresh look. A sink was installed on the island after getting client’s permission, and he was satisfied with the final look of it. We added the sink on the left side of the island as to leave ample empty space on the island. This has made the surrounding area of sink more spacious making it convenient for the client to use the sink. Relocating the sink made the cabinet less crowded and gave a beautiful appearance to the overall look.

ASASA added the most user-friendly faucet for client’s convenience. We monitored the complete functions and working of the faucet before its installation. We selected silver faucet to complement the white cabinets, white cabinets with glass doors and silver faucet add a luxurious look to the kitchen. It also complemented the overall ambience of the kitchen.


The side wall next to stove was redecorated as well. The client was suggested to incorporate stonework on the wall. We wanted to do it in such a way that it blends in well with the rest of the kitchen. We did the wall in shades of brown after consulting the client as was in sync with the whole colour scheme. Hexagon shaped stones were chosen to introduce a stylish symmetry in the interior. The client was totally on board throughout the process.


Flooring can instantly change the look of whole premises. In the process of remodelling, we paid attention to each detail and changed the floor tiles with the consent of the client. The client wanted us to do the attractive flooring. The brownish colour was chosen for floor tiles to coordinate with the side wall. This mellow choice of colour also contributed to the harmony of the whole kitchen. The texture of floor tiles was chosen to be a bit coarse to avoid slipperiness.

All the above service that ASASA kitchens provided to their client were state of the art. Once we were done with our job, the feedback from the client was flattering and motivated us to do even better. This vision of our company is also to achieve excellence and leave no room for error. This professional approach has given us an excellent reputation in the market.

After magnificently carrying out the remodelling of kitchen and lounge, we were given three more remodelling/renovation projects from the same client.

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