The kitchen is probably the most important part of a house. It is the center of attraction in the house as people like to spend time there during gatherings and functions. The kitchen décor is an important aspect of home improvement. It can lift the appearance of the entire house and add value to it. The kitchen upgradation will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house but also improves its functionality. This way, you will enjoy yourself while cooking. In this blog, we will discuss the average cost required to redo a small kitchen.

From contemporary to vintage, different kitchen designs are followed while renovating a kitchen. The choice of kitchen design should be made by keeping the ambiance of the interior in mind. You must ensure that the décor of your kitchen complements the surroundings. It will create harmony in the interior decoration of your house.

Everyone wants a desirable kitchen, but the cost is a big hurdle in achieving it. A fully customized renovation of a kitchen costs a lot. There are many aspects involved in a kitchen renovation that contribute to the price hike. One important factor in determining the cost of kitchen renovation is the size. Renovation of a large-sized kitchen will require more money as compared to the one with a smaller size.

Factors that Affect the Redoing Cost of a Small Kitchen:

There are different areas of a kitchen renovation that can affect the overall cost, and some of the important ones are given below:

1.   Products:

The products are one of the most important aspects of the renovation of a kitchen. They create a huge impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Some of the important kitchen products that contribute to the overall cost of the kitchen are given below:

2.   Cabinets:

Cabinets are integral in determining the overall look of the kitchen. A good selection of kitchen cabinet can take the renovation to the next level and vice versa. The cost of kitchen cabinets depends on the material used in them, and the surface area covered. The stock MDF cabinets cost around 50-200$ per foot. The linear foot cost of semi-custom hardwood is 100-500$, and that of custom hardwood is 300-100$.

3.   Countertops:

The countertops are another essential product involved in kitchen renovation. There are different types of countertops, including quartz, laminate, hardwood, granite. The cost of the countertops varies depending on the material used. A laminate countertop costs around 20-40-$ per square foot. The quartz countertop costs, 60-80$, hardwood countertop costs 60-100$, marble costs80-120$, granite costs 80-120$.

4.   Plumbing:

The plumbing costs can also affect the overall cost of the kitchen renovation. If you opt for a licensed and insured plumber, you may have to pay a little more money. Some plumbers charge hourly while others charge for the whole task. The average cost of a plumber ranges from 70-95$ per hour.

5.   Electrical Works:

There are a lot of electrical works involved in kitchen renovation. It is important to hire a good electrician that can ensure quality and safety in the service. The average cost of an electrician is between 70$ to 95$ per hour. The cost can vary depending on the level and extent of service.

6.   Flooring:

Flooring is a critical aspect to consider while renovating a kitchen. There is multiple choice of flooring available, including hardwood floors, laminate floors, tiled floors. Out of all the options, hardwood floors are the most expensive.

The average cost of a hardwood floor is between 8-14$ per square foot. After adding the installation cost, the flooring cost goes up to 18$ per square foot. Vinyl flooring is considered as a cost-effective alternative of hardwood floors.

The cost of the vinyl floor, including installation expense, is around 5$ per square foot. Laminate floors are also similar in appearance to hardwood floors. They cost around 4$ per square foot, including the installation cost. The ceramic tiles are considered as the most cost-effective option. They cost around 3$ per square after adding the installation costs.

7.   Customization:

The customization includes the changes in the layout and décor of the kitchen according to your requirements. You may want to add a nice backsplash or add a fancy island for enhancing the appearance of your kitchen. All such things can add to the overall cost of the kitchen. You cannot point out a fixed cost regarding customization, as it can vary from depending upon the requirements.

Overall Cost:

Considering all the factors mentioned above, the overall cost of renovating a small kitchen can range from 12000-22000$. If you want a high-quality kitchen renovation, ASASA Kitchens are the best choice for you.