A nicely renovated kitchen can bring a remarkable change to the interior of a house. In this day and age, we have different options for kitchen designs available in the market. You can select the right kitchen type according to your requirement. Different types of kitchens have their pros and cons, so it is hard to point out one as the best choice. The costs of different kitchen designs also vary. Therefore, it is important to consider your budget before finalizing a kitchen design. In this blog, we will consider the types, costs, and benefits of custom kitchen.


Nowadays, people prefer to go with the option of customization in kitchen designs. This way, they can get the desired appearance and functionality in their kitchen. You can also manage the expenses of a kitchen renovation by prioritizing your requirements.

Different Types of Custom Kitchens:

Although there are many types of custom kitchen, some of the important ones are listed below:

·        L-shaped Kitchen:

If you are looking for a pleasing design and amazing functionality, L-shaped kitchen is the right choice for you. Its design propagates along the kitchen walls and provides enough room for cooking and moving around. With the extra room available in L-shaped kitchens, you can add a dining place for your convenience.

·        U-shaped Kitchen:

If you are considering a great cooking experience on a single counter, U-shaped kitchen is the right choice for you. It offers a lot of room for cooking and also gives the luxury to move around freely. U-shaped kitchens also provide more storage as compared to other types.

·         G-shaped Kitchen:

G-shaped kitchens are considered as a type of U-shaped kitchens. A G-shape layout is ideal for large spaces and provides a lot of room for cooking and dining. There is an extended combination of cabinets along with elongated countertops that provide a lavish look to the kitchen décor. There is a lot of storage on offer with G-shaped kitchens.

·        One-Wall Kitchen:

The one-wall kitchen is an ideal kitchen design for a limited space. From the kitchen cabinets to the storage, everything is available along a wall. It can make cooking convenient by streamlining all the resources. Setting up a one-wall kitchen is comparatively more comfortable than other types of kitchens. You can read about one wall kitchen layout with island here.


·        Parallel Kitchen:

If you want to cook in unparallel comfort, a parallel kitchen layout is the best option. In the parallel kitchen, two workstations run parallel to each other. Usually, the two workstations by employing one as dry and wet areas where one is used for cooking while others are used for washing. You can add appliances in either of the workstations. However, the dry side is the recommended choice.

·        Galley Kitchen:

The galley kitchen is a popular type of custom kitchen for small spaces. There are two styles of galley kitchen; single galley and double galley. A single galley kitchen has one row of opposite cabinets, whereas double galley kitchen has two rows of cabinets opposite one another. A big advantage of the galley kitchen is that it offers an ample storage space despite less space. However, the galley kitchen does not provide any place for dining or hangout.

·        Island Kitchen:

An island kitchen is the one that contains a separate countertop that is not connected to anything else. Some islands have washbasin and faucet for washing the dishes while others come with storage space. The prime purpose of the island is to provide seating space in the vicinity of the kitchen. It saves you from having a dining place as you can dine in the kitchen. The popularity of the island kitchen is on the rise, and people adjust the size of the island according to their needs.

·        Peninsula Kitchen:

A peninsula kitchen is more or less like an island kitchen, except it is connected to the wall from one side. The peninsula is made for providing the extra space required for cooking or can also be used for dining. If you want the functionality of an island kitchen in a smaller area, a peninsula kitchen is a right choice.

Cost to have a Custom Kitchen:

You cannot pin down any specific price for custom kitchen as it can vary depending on the amount of work done. If you are planning to demolish the old kitchen to design a newly customized one, your budget can go up a great deal. However, the renovation price of a custom kitchen is dependent on and the quality and quantity of material used in the process of renovation. Size is another key factor that can affect the cost of a custom kitchen.

Everyone wants to save some money in every project that they conduct. Some tips for squeezing the cost of your custom kitchen are given below:

  1. Take accurate measurements to avoid buying an excessive length of products.
  2. Set your priorities right to avoid spending extra money.
  3. Hire a high-quality contractor to help you out in designing a cost-effective custom kitchen.
  4. DIY plumbing and electrical tasks to cut down expenses.

What are the Benefits of Custom Kitchens?

Out of the numerous benefits of custom kitchens, some of the vital ones are listed below:

  • Custom kitchens have unique designs.
  • There is no match for the aesthetics of custom kitchens.
  • Custom kitchens are more durable than other types.
  • The custom kitchens can adjust according to any size and shape of available space.
  • Custom kitchens add a lot of value to the house.