While thinking about remodelling the interior of your house, you must take measures which can make the look of the interior of your house pleasant as well as add to the overall value of the house. While we are talking about the remodelling of the interior, kitchen remodelling is probably the most important part of it that can develop an overall feel for your interior. If you want to have an ideal remodelling for your kitchen, you have to pour your money to get the desired outcome. It is usually because so many things pop up during the process of kitchen remodelling that can squeeze out your pocket. In this blog, you can have an insight on how to save cost in kitchen remodelling and still have the ideal kitchen that fulfills your demands.

Custom kitchen cabinets

One of the most expensive things while doing kitchen remodelling is the installation of new cabinets. If you want to have a cabinet that is made purely according to your demands, then you have to opt for customized kitchen cabinets. In customized cabinets, the appearance, size, design everything in the cabinet is according to your say. You can incorporate whatever material for decorative purposes like ornaments, glass, wood etc. You can have it made in any kind of themes like vintage or luxury. All of this is very overwhelming but there is a negative side to all of this, and that is the cost factor. The more you add to your kitchen, the more cash you have to release from your pocket, and it is usually realized in hindsight. An average range of cost for adding custom cabinets in your kitchen starts from 10,000$ to 60,000$. If you gauge the price of custom kitchen cabinets per linear foot, it ranges from 250$ to 1,500$.

Make use of readily assembled cabinets

The heavy cost of customized cabinets may not make them the most convenient choice for you so ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets is a great alternative which is also called semi-custom cabinets as they are comprised of properties of customized cabinets. These semi-custom cabinets are available at almost half the cost of fully customized cabinets. On average, the cost of RTA cabinet per square foot is around 120$ to 1000$, but it can vary depending on the material used, design and installation cost. You should probably go for a contractor that can install these cabinets most efficiently and timely, but in case of doing it yourself, you will save a good amount of money. These semi-custom cabinets come in a standard size and design like stock cabinets but are prefabricated before installation according to requirements of the client. The scope of changes that you can make in the RTA cabinets is not as much as fully customized cabinets.

Stock cabinets

On the other hand, stock cabinets are the option for the clients who do not want to take any risks and want readily operational cabinets to be installed. Stock cabinets come in standardized designs, sizes, colours and patterns. One disadvantage of choosing the stock cabinets is that they are not made to perfectly fit in your kitchen, so filler strips and other tools have to be used to fill in the spaces. The affordability of these cabinets is great, and they cost around 70$ to 400$ per foot.

Make use of already installed cabinets

If you want to save cost on the remodelling of your kitchen, then you should be willing to make use of anything possible. If the type of new cabinet that you want to install resembles the already installed cabinet in your kitchen then through little tweaking and refacing, you can achieve your desired outcome. Also, in some cases, the cabinets installed in your kitchen are of high quality, and design and little adjustments like painting can get the best possible results for you without wasting too much money on fancy new cabinets. A good paint job can transform the outlook of your kitchen cabinet. If you are lucky enough to get the desired output in this way, then you cannot find a better deal because it will save a lot of money for you. It is to be made sure that this process is carried out properly to get the desired finishing otherwise whole effort will go in vain.

If you want to save your bucks then considering refacing is a good option. This is the best choice if you want the style and quality of your kitchen cabinet and want little changes made to it. The cost of an average paint job is not that expensive, but if you want to incorporate more elaborate refacing job, then you may have to pay from 5,000$ to 15,000$.

Make use of open shelving wherever possible

If you want to proceed to your kitchen cabinet remodelling cost-effectively then incorporating open shelving in your cabinet is a good choice. It cannot only create a huge storage space for everyday kitchen items like crockery, cooking stuff and even decoration pieces. It is a brilliant choice for a small-sized kitchen where there is less room for accommodation of items. Try to get different items required for shelving like painted planks and wood from the hardware shop in your area; it will not only be convenient but also be very cost-efficient.

Make use of alternative material for countertop

You have a wide range of materials available for countertops from recyclable ones to other solid surfaces like granite, quartz, tiles, concrete etc. While there are other decorative options for countertops in the market, still the most popular option among customers is granite countertops. It is mostly because of its high strength and convenient cost.

You can expect a cost of 45$ to 100$ per square including the installation charges which is quite reasonable than some of the other options available. Another option that can cut down your kitchen cabinet expenses is merging two different materials as one surface in an island or a countertop.

Lamination can also be helpful in cutting the cost if you have to choose an alternative for expensive stone. It can cost you around 10$ to 20$ including installation per square foot. It can offer a huge range of options in different cuts and dimensions, and the outcome has an uncanny resemblance to any stone.

Don’t move the appliances

The best way to achieve convenience while remodelling kitchen cabinets are to keep the hassle to the minimal level. It means you don’t have to change the order of everything associated with cabinets. The appliances connected to the kitchen cabinets don’t have to be moved if you want to install or reface the cabinet. Readjusting the appliances need extensive electrical and plumbing work which can prove to be costly and inconvenient. It is one factor that can have a huge impact on your overall cost because it is a detailed work that requires time and labour.

Go for kitchen islands

The island is a good choice while selecting a pleasant appearance for your kitchen because they are trendy and effective. The cost of an island of six feet along with cabinets is around 800$ to 1000$. Island can also act as a cabinet, and you do not need any additional budget for an extra cabinet. Also, try making use of already installed cabinets to be developed into islands. It can save a lot of money in your overall kitchen remodelling.

For walls consider cutting out rather than removing

When you are in need of creating extra space in your kitchen to accommodate people or otherwise, then you should cut down the walls rather than removing it. The reason for not recommending wall removal is that it’s not inconvenient but can also be very expensive due to electrical and plumbing fittings on the wall. You may have to hire a professional for these jobs who will charge a good amount of money. In other cases, if you choose to do it yourself, it will require tools and a lot of time because of your level of expertise. The best alternative for it is cutting out the walls because it will not only create room for accommodation but also save a lot of money of flooring and ceiling repairs.

Make use of track lighting

The use of track lighting can prove to be very beneficial for kitchen remodelling because it can be very convenient and cost-efficient option. There are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They can be mounted at any location in the kitchen like on the ceiling, wall or floor. This keeps you away from the complications of electrical wiring and fixes included in recessed lights. It is not only an option that can save a lot of money for your kitchen remodelling but also saves time. The greatest part is that there is no difference in the illumination of these lights as compared to recessed lights. The installation of track lights is easier as compared to that of recessed lights and can be done by DIYers too.

Complete your kitchen remodelling in different phases

If you want to save cost on your kitchen remodelling plus you are in no rush to do it, then try dividing the process into phases. Allocate timespans for different tasks according to budget and convenience and devise a plan. Once the plan is made, stick to it to prevent any complications. For example, if you want to modify your wallpaper in your kitchen, you can either do it at the start or the end of the project because it is a simple job and easy on your pocket. Tasks like cabinet installation and refacing should be kept in the earlier phases because in this way you can adjust other things accordingly.