The kitchen is one of the most major parts which adds value to your home. Some homeowners have plans to change the designs of the house. One of the priorities on the homeowner’s list is a kitchen update. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a convenient and affordable alternative to cabinet replacement that is popular with homeowners. Kitchen cabinet refacing has a varied choice in terms of functionality and design.

It is essential to renovate kitchen cabinets from time to time when it becomes outdated. Cabinet refacing is popular because it is affordable than replacement, and the materials and choices have become more advanced. When you are planning to do a kitchen renovation, Selecting cabinets is one of the critical decisions. It can cost almost 50% of the total renovation budget.


Kitchen cabinet refacing is an affordable approach to give your kitchen a complete transformation. It is all about changing doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet boxes. All your cabinets and the layout of your kitchen remains the same, and it will help in avoiding inconveniences related to renovation and destruction. If you are searching for space-optimizing corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas, this article is worth reading.

 Let’s have a look at the trendy kitchen cabinet refacing ideas.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting:

When you are painting your kitchen cabinets, it can save the expense of considerable renovation. Before painting the cabinet, talk with a professional painter about the products, which will help you in achieving excellent results. Remove the shelves and paint them in another room so that it cannot block your way. Hang the shelves on sawhorses by hitting nails into the predrilled holes on the ends. Always remove the shelf support before painting the inner side of the cabinet.

Install Wood Covering:

Wood covering is used to refacing vanity and cabinets. Covering for cabinet refacing is an excellent alternative to the whole cabinet refacing. Refinished existing cabinets with real wood covering is cheaper than complete refacing of cabinets. This process is simple to do, and it will give the result as incredible as a whole kitchen renovation. Refinishing can be less disturbing, and your kitchen can be wholly functional during the installation of wood covering. The wood covering has a wide variety of colors, from light to dark and in between. The appearance of wood covering affects the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets with wood covers are perfect for a smooth renovation.


A fantastic kitchen renovation can be done by refacing your kitchen cabinet doors. You have a choice to add wallpaper to cabinet doors for a fast and affordable project. There are millions of wallpaper designs present in the marketplace. It is an effective way to increase the look of your cabinets. Wallpaper has a variety of material which includes contact paper, vinyl decals, shelf paper, and removable wallpaper. Covering the cabinets with wallpaper is a rapid and inexpensive choice for making over old cabinets. Cabinets that are covered by wallpapers provide a unique look. Always try to use the paper that is washable and whose pattern is not hectic looking.


New Cabinet Doors:

When the kitchen cabinet doors are tainted and require a trendy modern design, changing of a cabinet door can create a vivid change in your kitchen. It also provides it a buzz that makes everything seems new. When you are planning to change your cabinet doors, you have to choose what type of door you require. The choice of door types includes custom doors, semi-custom doors, ready to assemble, and any other material.

When you are changing your cabinet doors, first take off the existing doors, frames, and hardware without dismantling the cabinets. Place the new doors and frames with the same hardware. There is another alternative to old cabinets. You can wholly remove the cabinets doors and transform the existing cabinets to open shelving. Therefore inner shelves can be removed for a comprehensively modern and restructured look.

Changing Hardware:

When you want to make your old cabinets new, changing hardware is an active choice. New knobs have a variety of styles and finish to provide your kitchen with a renovated appearance. You can install new hinges, handles to create the fresh look of your old cabinets. Classical hardware is a popular selection. It adds a traditional feeling to cabinets.


Open up Small Kitchen:

Heavy cabinets can create a small kitchen appearance tinier. By changing solid cabinet doors with glass doors, the kitchen opens up and has a lighter feel. You do not need to change all solid doors with glass, but keeping your kitchen cabinets clean and organized to display is hard. With the addition of a few glass fronts can create a huge difference.


When you are scheduling a refacing of your kitchen, always check out the collection of kitchen cabinet door accessories can be a remarkable part of the project. Their vast diversity of choice can include excellent design to your cabinets. Glass is another cabinet accessory that adds design and space to your cabinets. It can allow you to display all your stylish cookware, dishware, and kitchen collectibles.

How much does the Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Cost?

When you are planning to reface your kitchen cabinets, you must be aware of the cost factors. Kitchen cabinet refacing includes two significant costs that are the cost of a professional contractor and materials. And it is understood that kitchen refacing cost is less than remodel as compared to whole remodel.

The cost of an expert contractor is almost 50% of the cost of new cabinet installation. If you have the plan to do laminate veneers, the professional refacing for 10/12 foot cabinets will around $1000 to $3000. When you go with wood veneer, it can begin at $2500 to $6500. The hardware will cost $10 to $100, and that all depend on the style and what look you want to create.

The whole kitchen cabinet refacing cost around 40% to 50% less than the full kitchen renovation. The average size full kitchen refacing generally costs $7600 to $9500, while a complete kitchen renovation of the same size is usually $14000 to $22000.


Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-effective choice to refresh your existing kitchen cabinet to thoroughly look enhanced. If your cabinets are in good shape, kitchen cabinet refacing is excellent to option. You can overwrite the old kitchen cabinets by using wallpaper or new covering, and by adding new hardware and accessories can create its appearance improved.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is not an easy task. If you are doing it yourself, you cannot get the proper look of your kitchen because you are not professional in this field. You always require a licensed professional such as the ASASA kitchen, which provides kitchen renovation and refacing services. They also offer renovation and refacing products in Greater Toronto.