ASASA Kitchens is a sister company of Asasa construction which has been providing high-quality kitchen construction and maintenance services from the past ten years. Due to our commitment to clients and dedication to our work has earned us a great reputation in the market. We deliver excellent construction services for different styles, sizes and shapes of kitchens and complete the project fully all by ourselves without any external help. Our best quality remodelling and renovation services have made us a leading kitchen renovation company in Toronto. We tick all boxes to give the best and most convenient kitchen services to clients. There is a vast domain that our services cover from construction to repair and replacement. We have all the essential ingredients of a good service that is why there is such high demand in the market for our services.  Our professionals deliver every service efficiently with a guarantee of favourable outcomes. In this blog, we will discuss all the services of ASASA Kitchens in detail and tell you why we are the best option for you.

Services we provide

We provide a vast range of high-quality kitchen services which are mainly categorized into three parts which are given below in detail:

  1. New kitchen Addition

    We provide high-quality new kitchen addition service for clients. It ranges from constructing a new kitchen in any section of your house from scratch to adding certain elements to enhance functionality as per client’s requirements. From contemporary kitchen design to a classic kitchen, we provide you everything. The new kitchen addition service is further subdivided into types:

  • Custom
    This is the type of kitchen addition where we build a new kitchen based completely on the client’s Our professional team gathers all the requirement of clients in detail and devise a plan to yield the desired outcome. The professional team at ASASA Kitchens has creative capabilities due to which you can get the most suitable kitchen designed for you that completely complements the interior of the house. Apart from some of the conventional designs of kitchens like L-shaped, U-shaped and peninsula, we also provide multiple options for customized kitchen designs and some of them are given below:
  • Cottage charm
  • Mediterranean
  • French
  • Italian
  • Classic
  • Coastal
  • Semi-custom
    In this type of kitchen addition service, the project is limited to certain sections or elements of the kitchen rather than the whole It ranges from installing kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet door to replacing kitchen countertop and adding any appliance. While providing semi-custom service, you keep most of the kitchen in its original form and focus on the particular area where service is to be delivered. For example, if you need semi-custom kitchen cabinets with fancy glass doors, ASASA Kitchens can install a fully custom kitchen cabinet as well as replace the glass doors on the original cabinet according to client’s say. The best part is that our custom made kitchen cabinets cost is affordable for all types of clients. Our highly skilled team can enhance the appearance and functionality of your kitchen through little tweaking.
  1. Kitchen remodelling

    Asasa kitchen provides the best kitchen remodelling services. It involves incorporating new kitchen style and design to enhance its functionality and effectiveness. Our service is not only exceptional, but the kitchen remodel cost that you have to bear is very reasonable. The kitchen remodelling service is distributed into multiple phases which are given below:

  • Design phase
    This is the initial phase in kitchen remodelling which involves all practices necessary before taking on a project. Firstly, all requirements are gathered from the client in detail and team survey the site and gauge the scope of the project. If there are any technical hurdles in implementation of any demand, the client is told about them. After settling everything, an initial design is developed on paper, and then a 3D model is prepared considering all the requirements of the client. The 3D design is presented to the client to give him an idea about the final look of the project, and after the client’s consent, the next phase starts. This is one of the reasons why kitchen design services of ASASA Kitchens are rated so highly in the market.
  • Planning phase
    In the planning phase, a strategy is devised to take on the project. The team conducts a brainstorming session on how to achieve the targeted outcome by examining the 3D design model. This phase includes three steps which are given below:
  • Developing flowcharts
    After examing all the possible options, a flowchart is developed that determines the order in which the project will proceed. In the flowchart, a step by step sequence of all tasks is mentioned to keep any hassle and confusion during the course of the project.
  • Task allocation
    After establishing the order of the jobs, each task is allocated to separate teams to proceed more systematically. A project manager tells every team member about their role and domain so that there is no overlapping or complication during the process. In this way, the productivity of every member increases as they are focused on a particular job.
  • Resource allocation
    After task allocation, the next step is allocating resources to the teams. The project manager analyzes the needs of all teams and provides resources accordingly. It concerns the allocation of task-related resources like equipment to team’s personal A supervisor keeps a check on the utilization of resources to ensure that there is no misuse of any kind.
  • Implementation phase
    This is the phase where the actual remodelling After completion of all prior phases, implementation phase is all about business and delivering the desired outcome as soon as possible. Throughout remodelling, the client is kept updated about the progress, and his approval is acquired if any critical decision is to be taken. Every task is being performed by a separate team, and a supervisor keeps an eye on the progress of all jobs.
  • Kitchen renovation
    ASASA Kitchens ranks amongst the leading kitchen renovation contractors in GTA. In this, the design of the kitchen is not changed rather new components are added to improve the appearance and functionality. We have been providing the best kitchen renovation services from the past ten years. In this service, we cover all sizes, shapes and styles of kitchen. Whether you want a small kitchen renovation or large-sized kitchen renovation, ASASA Kitchens is at your disposal. Our professionals can assist in every aspect to produce the desireable outcome for your kitchen. We deliver renovation services for various elements of the kitchen, and some of them are given below:
  • Cabinets
    We can install and repair all kinds of kitchen cabinets. Our professionals can make the most of a defected cabinet and after little changes can totally transform it. We deal in standard, custom and semi-custom cabinets. ASASA Kitchens have expertise in all kinds of cabinet materials, and there is no risk factor involved. As per client’s requirement, we not only install a new cabinet but also repair and replace drawers and doors.
  • Countertops
    ASASA Kitchens provide the most efficient countertop installation and maintenance services. We offer a wide range of affordable kitchen countertops from kitchen island countertop to cabinet countertop to clients to select the most suitable one. Our service caters different types of countertops materials like quartz and granite, and we have extensive experience in their installation and repair. We offer different colour and patterns in countertops, and some of our coloured countertops are highly in demand. For example, our best white quartz countertop is the most popular among clients right now.
  • Islands
    We deliver services for all styles, size and shapes of islands for kitchens. ASASA Kitchens provide the most appropriate islands for your kitchen type with good appearance and functionality. Our professional team can provide theme based islands that blend in the ambience of the kitchen and the interior. We install countertops from scratch and provide semi-custom services like countertop installation and polishing.
  • Flooring
    Our flooring service in a kitchen renovation is state of the art facilitating the client to the fullest. We install and repair multiple materials like hardwood, tiles, vinyl, concrete for kitchen floors. For hardwood and vinyl floors, we also provide excellent lamination and polishing service.
  • Walls
    We provide wall paint and finish service along with repair whenever required in kitchen renovation. Our professionals also install backsplashes and decorative stones to enhance the beauty of kitchen walls. We also add under cabinet LED lights on the walls if demanded by the client.
  • Appliances
    As ASASA Kitchens is a one-stop shop with everything available under one roof. You can avail our electrical and plumbing service for installation and repairing appliances in your kitchen.

Why Asasa kitchen is the best option

ASASA Kitchens is the most suitable option for you in case of all your kitchen needs. Different reasons why we are the best option are given below:

We are professional in our approach

Asasa construction has the most professional and experienced team to deliver the most satisfactory results. We have a systematic approach to take on a project to avoid any hassle and inconvenience for clients.

We deliver the best service

If you see the quality or timely delivery, every aspect of our service makes it superior to others in the market. Our team is dedicated and committed to the job and ensure that they delivery satisfactory outcomes to clients under any circumstances.

We are cost-efficient

We not only provide the high-quality service but also charge reasonable rates for them. Whether it is our suitable cost to redo kitchenor our affordable new kitchen addition, we are very reasonable. Our pricing policy is flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of clients.