Project Description

Project Description

ASASA construction has become a reliable name in the construction sector of GTA. We are a licensed and insured general contractor providing excellent new construction, remodelling and renovation services. You can get everything under one roof by availing our services as we have all the required resources from equipment to a skilled professional team. Recently, we have been approached by one of our regular clients to add a basement living unit. In this project description, we will give an insight into the development of the whole project.

Site Survey and Consultation:

At the start of the project, our team visited the site to conduct a survey. The requirements from the client were gathered, and the available options were analyzed.As the client has some concerns regarding the cost of the project, we presented him with economic alternative options. We also offered him high-quality material and products for the project at reasonable costs. He was ecstatic after hearing about that offer and asked us to arrange everything. After confirmation of all the requirements of the client, we estimated the cost of the whole project that included the cost of items and the service charges. Then a free quote was provided to the client so that he can have an exact idea regarding the budget of the project.

Kitchen Addition:

The first step was kitchen addition, and for that, we had to demolish the wall to make a reasonable space for it. Our professional architects examined the symmetry and dimension of the structure beforehand to ensure that wall demolition does not weaken the strength of the house. After getting clearance, our workers start demolishing the wall cautiously without causing any damage to the floor and side walls. After removing the wall, the floor was levelled, and we started kitchen addition.

Cabinet Addition:

We took off with cabinet addition. Our team selected plain white cabinet with multiple compartments to give more space for storage. Before installation, the back wall was examined, and all the connection points were marked. Then the cabinets were placed in the right position and screwed with the wall. We chose a beautiful faucet design for the sink that was full apt for the ambience of the kitchen. After installing cabinets, we installed a black quartz countertop. We chose an elongated countertop with a larger surface area to provide more cooking space. After installing the countertop, we moved onto the appliance installation. Our professional electricians examined the wiring connections to ensure that everything was fine. After confirmation, cooking range and range hood were installed. At last the kitchen walls and ceiling were finished expertly.

Conversion of Electric Room into Standing Shower:

For converting the electric room into a standing shower, the biggest challenge was dealing with the intricate network of wiring network. Our professionals came to our rescue and conducted a feasibility study of the project initially. After assurance of viability, all the unnecessary electrical connections were removed. Then the floor and the walls were levelled by applying the compound. After preparation, tiles were installed on the shower floor and walls. We opt for a fancy looking shower head and tap that enhanced the appearance of the shower. At last, trims were installed on the door, and the ceiling was finished.

Bedroom Addition:

For bedroom addition, we had to build a wall first. Our professionals examined the possibilities of wall installation thoroughly beforehand. Then a plan was devised, and we started wall construction. We worked cautiously while installing new wall to ensure that there is no disruption in the overall structure. After constructing and plastering the wall, we finished it by painting and adding trims. Finally, the door was also finished effectively.

Laundry Room Relocation:

The next step was laundry room relocation.First of all, we removed all the appliances from the previous laundry room carefully. The walls and floors of the new laundry room were prepared by filling the dings with the compound. After levelling the walls and floor, all the appliances were installed effectively in a way that offered more space. Our electricians inspected all the connections thoroughly after installing appliances.

Window Enlargement:

For window enlargement, we removed the old window first. Our professionals compared the dimensions of the slot with the new two-panel window. The slot was not large enough for installation of a larger window, so we cut through the walls with high power cutters. After enlarging the slot, we placed the new window and screwed it efficiently. We also added trims and finished the window neatly.


The final task of the project was installing lights and finishing the walls. We prepared the walls first before applying paint. Wall trims were added, and an evenly coated paint job was provided that added to the look of the space. Our electrician installed the lights effectively and operated them for confirmation.


When we showed the final look of the basement to the client, he was blown away. He said that he did not expect this level of work under such affordable rates. He also complemented our professionalism and approach.