Project Description

Project Description

We did extensive preplanning before starting kitchen renovation. Our professionals started by demolishing the whole kitchen carefully without damaging the walls and floor. You can see the kitchen after demolition below:

Wall finishing and floor tiling:

After demolishing the kitchen, we examined the condition of floor and walls in detail. We applied compound on the parts of the wall with dings to level the surface. After the compound dried, we applied paint. We also installed wall trims to enhance the appearance. For floor tiling, we prepared the subfloor by levelling it first and then installed tiles. Our workers also finished the kitchen door.

Cabinet and cupboard installation:

The next steps were the installation of kitchen cabinet and cupboards. We chose a wooden design for the cabinet to complement the ambience of the house. A broad quartz countertop was selected to give more space for cooking. For providing more storage space, we also installed standing cupboards along with over cabinet cupboards. We also installed backsplash to generate more harmony amongst different elements.

Installing appliances:

The last step in kitchen renovation was to install appliances.Our electricians checked the wiring in an elaborate fashion and made certain adjustment wherever required. After ensuring that wiring was good to go, we installedcooking range, oven, refrigerator and lightings.

The final look of the kitchen after the renovation is given below: