Project Description

Project Description

Floor tiling:

We examined the subfloor, and it required levelling, so wedid that. After levelling the surface, we installed tiles efficiently and filled the gaps between the pieces with grout. After grout settled, we washed and cleaned the tiles.

Wall/ ceiling and window finishing:

After covering dings with compound, we painted the walls and ceiling. We went for the similar white and grey contrast for kitchen paint as well. Our professionals also installed glass covered flushed lights on the wall. We covered the glass with frosting paper to give a charming look, and finally, trims were installed. Our professionals also finished both the kitchen windows neatly.

Cabinet installation:

We chose a greyish wooden colour for cabinets and cupboards. Our workers took all the measurements precisely to ensure that the installation takes place efficiently. We provided a fully customized design for cabinets and cupboards. The cabinets were installed first with a white quartz countertop. We selected broad granite countertop for better cooking space. As the client wanted more storage space, we installed multiple above cabinet cupboards with sleek looking ones as well that added to the beauty of the layout.

Island installation:

We went for the greyish wooden design and white granite countertop for the island as well to complement the surroundings. Our professionals installed the island first and then mounted countertop on it carefully so that it sits well on top. The island had a wide countertop giving a more sitting and cooking area. Also, there were cupboards on the island that provided more storage place. The sink was installed with a fancy faucet.

Backsplash and appliance installation:

We installed a complementing design of backsplash on the cabinet walls.It enhanced the look of the whole kitchen.At last, we installed refrigerator, range and range hood. On the opposite wall the carvings were done and led lights were beautifully placed in these to give it a more artistic look. Our workers checked if all the electrical connections were working properly and made adjustments wherever required.

Kitchen Renovation# 2

Our team chose a white colour scheme for the kitchen. Firstly, we installed the floor tiles and finished walls and ceiling. Then we installed cabinets and over cabinet cupboards. Our professionals focused on the detailing while installation. We selected broad countertops for cabinets to give more cooking space and provided different sections in cupboards for better storage. After finishing the kitchen window, we installed refrigerator and cooking range. You can see the kitchen after the renovation below: