Project Description

Project Description

Asasa kitchens have extensive experience in facilitating clients all over GTA. Our professionals cater to all kinds of kitchen remodelling and renovation needs of clients. We provide stock as well as customized kitchen remodelling and renovation to clients. Recently, we have been approached by a client who wanted us to renovate his whole kitchen. We took up the task efficiently and delivered the desirable outcome. Let’s look into details of this project step by step:

Requirement gathering and Planning:

Asasa kitchens adopt a professional approach to carry out any task. Initially, we gathered all the requirements from the client by visiting the site to avoid any complications and inconvenience in the future. Our professionals examined the kitchen in detail and analyzed different options and shared them with the client. After getting approval from the client, we made a 3D design model to give the client an idea about the final product. We also gave free cost estimation to the client considering the detail of the 3D design model.

After gathering all the requirements, our team members conducted brainstorming sessions to get finalize a plan for carrying out the project effectively. We explored all potentially viable possibilities thoroughly and discussed them with the client. Our professionals make sure that they don’t proceed further unless they get consent from the client.


After gathering all required information and devising a plan, we started the renovation of the kitchen. A step by step progress in the renovation process is given below:

  • Over Cabinet cupboards:

We started off with the replacement of cupboards above the cabinet. Our professionals removed the cupboards carefully to prevent any damage to the wall and appliances. We presented a lot of cupboards designs to the client in different colours and he finalized a brownish black cupboard sample. Without wasting any time, we started off the installation process. We installed cupboards in sequential order from left to right. As the client wanted some extra sections, so we installed an additional cupboard in the middle. We also added glass door for that cupboard according to client’s consent to enhance the outlook of the kitchen. Our team also built a slot for the microwave oven and reduced the size of cupboards over it to make more free space on the cabinet. While installing cupboards, we made sure that the fixed appliances remain unmoved.

  • Cabinets:

The next step was the replacement of the cabinets. Removal of cabinets was done efficiently done. We opted for a white sharp-edged plain countertop. A connected island was installed like previously with sink and a classic metallic tap. The island countertop offered more space for cooking and sitting. The cabinet cupboards and drawers were from the same model that was installed in the over cabinet cupboards to keep the harmony in the appearance. More sections were added in the cupboards to make more room for storage.

  • Backsplash:

The wall over the cabinet was plain white and the client wanted something done to it. So, we threw out the idea of adding a backsplash on the wall and the client agreed fully. A metallic white layout of tiles was recommended by us and the client loved it so we started the installation. Our professionals made sure that the tiles are installed with great detailing without any imperfections so that the outlook looks appealing. After installation, the backsplash looked flawless and the metallic white colour totally coordinated with the colour scheme of the kitchen.

  • Under cabinet LED lights:

The client wanted us to do something extra to make the kitchen look fancy. So, our team presented the idea of under cabinet LED lights that change colours. A demo of their working was presented to the client and he loved the idea. As we are a one-stop shop where you can find every service under one roof, we gave the electrical fitting services as well. Our electrician installed the LED efficiently and carefully. After installation, the lights were tested to confirm that they are running properly and changing colours. Other appliances were also checked to ensure that there everything is working properly.

  • Completion:

The project was completed within the given deadline and the client was ecstatic looking at the final product.

maintenance and repair services whenever required.