Project Description

Project Description

ASASA Construction is an Insured and Licensed company with an experience of over ten years. We are a leading company in GTA providing most efficient and convenient remodelling and renovation services to clients. Recently one of our regular clients contacted us to do a renovation of his kitchen. In this project description, we will give you an insight about the development of the project from the start till end.

We will divide the project into several steps to help you understand the mechanism of our service.


At the beginning of the project, our team surveyed the site and gathered all the requirements from the client in a detailed manner. Our professionals noted down all the details of the client and noted them down to avoid any hiccups during the project. As ASASA Construction is a one-stop shop, so we also presented a lot of choices of material and designs to the client based on his requirements. Our professionals’ gave suggestions and recommendations regarding the most suitable options for the client according to his demands and budget. We also assisted the client wherever he was in confusion.

3D design model/ cost estimation:

After the material selection ended, we presented an interactive 3D design model to the client containing all the specifications of the final product. The client liked the appearance of the kitchen, and we proceeded further after his approval. Our professionals also gave a free quote of the project to the client. It contained all the financial details of the project from material expenses to service charges. The client was blown away by our approach and gave us a thumbs up to move on.

Window installation:

We started the renovation process from backsplash window installation. Firstly, our professionals took measurements of the window and cut through the backsplash accordingly. We installed a triple-paneled backsplash window with excellent sealing and finishing. Our professionals installed white trims and painted the boundary around the window grey.

Cupboard replacement / Sink installation:

The next step was replacing the cabinet cupboards with new ones. Our professionals removed the cupboards carefully to prevent any damage to the walls. We chose multi-sectioned cupboards and multiple drawers to provide more storage space in the kitchen. Our team selected white cupboards and white drawers with brown handles that complemented the countertop of the cabinet. We also replaced the sink with a new one. Our plumbers checked the waterlines for any leakages and performed the task efficiently. The classy elongated faucet design that we chose was also compatible with the ambience of the kitchen and enhanced the look.

Island installation:

The next step was to install the island. Our professionals chose the most fitting island for the kitchen with a white bottom and same quartz countertop as of cabinet. We chose octagonal countertop to give more sitting space to the island.

Floor polishing:

Our professionals examined the condition of the floor initially, and as the gaps between tiles were not even, so we poured to fill them. When the grout settled properly, we cleaned the tiles and then applied the polishing cream. We gave the cream sufficient time to dry to get the best outcomes.


In the end, installed a grey tile on the island and cabinet sidewalls to create harmony in the appearance. Our electricians installed hanging lights to make the kitchen more appealing. All the appliances were installed after carefully examining all the electrical connections.

After completing the project, we presented it to the client, and he was delighted looking at the final look of the kitchen. We were also very content after hearing positive feedback from the client.