When it comes to vintage style, you cannot reject the trendy combination of white and black for your kitchen renovation. This elegant combination of colors is the perfect environment for savvy homeowners who are searching to take their kitchen design to the next level with enduring style. White and black pair beautifully in the cozy kitchen. Black countertops look flawlessly with classic white cabinets. It is a comforting scenery that will carry stylishness and ease to your home.


White cabinets in the kitchen are popular due to their timeless beauty and ability to pair with traditional, contemporary, and trendy styles. White cabinets match flawlessly with black countertops to get an attractive look. The contrast between white and black provides a bold look to the kitchen. A classic style kitchen with the black countertop and white cabinets gives a modern look to the kitchen. If you are confused while selecting the material of kitchen countertops for your kitchen, ASASA Kitchens will help you in selection.

Are you Prepared to be Inspired?

Here are some white cabinet design ideas that will help you in making your mind to contrast it with black countertops.

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets:

White kitchen cabinets that have a traditional style and pattern gives your space a more antique feel. These white cabinets work best with the black countertops. Traditional white cabinets never look old-fashioned. These cabinets are easy to maintain and provide a lavish look in terms of trend. Traditional white kitchen cabinets give a classic elegant appeal with a solid black countertop with rounded edges.

Off White Kitchen Cabinets:

Off white cabinets can be used by many homeowners to give their kitchen a whitish look. These color cabinets have the ability to provide a kitchen a more warmer feel. Off white cabinets has an illusion of making a small kitchen look brighter and more prominent. When it comes to matching with the countertop, off white kitchen cabinets, have the flexibility to pair with many colors, especially with black countertop. Off white cabinets can pair excellently with black countertops to create a luxurious look of the kitchen. If you want to know about backsplash ideas with white cabinets, this blog will help you out.


Does White Kitchen Cabinets Work Well with Black Countertop?

There is something appealing about black countertops with white kitchen cabinetry. White cabinets have the ability to look washed and have diversity to contrast. With the addition of black countertops, you can add attention and personality to your kitchen.

As we have mentioned earlier, the most usual way to create contrast in a kitchen with white cabinets is to mix it with some exciting countertop material or color. The black countertop provides a cozy and vivid feel to your kitchen. Black countertops are not limited to granite, as there are many other countertop materials available in the marketplace.

Here are some materials of black countertops that work effectively with white kitchen cabinets.


Black Granite Countertops:

Black granite countertop is a timeless combination with white cabinets. White kitchen cabinets with black countertops create a splendid effect on the style of the kitchen. You can pair a black granite countertop with white cabinets to make a modern white kitchen design. The black granite countertop is striking when pairing with white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances. This combination even works well for small kitchens.

Black Concrete Countertop:

Concrete is the most popular choice for a black kitchen countertop due to its low cost over an engineered stone and natural stone. Black concrete countertops are durable and susceptible to scratches and stains. You can also add pebbles, glass, and other items to make your countertop’s pattern. A black concrete countertop is porous, but a surface sealer will make shiny. A black concrete countertop creates a unique look with white kitchen cabinets.

Black Soapstone Countertop:

Black soapstone is a natural material, also known as steatite. If you are looking for a natural stone which adds warmth to your kitchen with white cabinets, black soapstone countertop is the best choice. In a vintage kitchen with white cabinets, black soapstone countertop creates a rustic touch that feels more modern than traditional.

Black quartz countertop:

Black quartz countertops provide an excellent style in low maintenance and robust and solid slab. You do not spend a lot of time in oiling, rubbing out scratches, and any other maintenance that many countertops need. Black quartz countertops provide a shiny look with white kitchen cabinets. It is the best option with white cabinets for traditional design and to imitate natural stone.

Black Synthetic Solid-surfacing Countertops:

Synthetic solid-surfacing countertops are but expensive than concrete but are more affordable than engineered stone or natural stone. Black synthetic solid-surfacing countertops are extremely durable with white kitchen cabinets and require very low maintenance.

Black Marble Countertops:

The Black marble countertop is the traditional selection with white cabinets for high-end kitchens. That black marble countertop with white cabinets looks charming and delightful.


These white kitchen cabinet design ideas with black countertops provide a vintage look to your kitchen. For the modern kitchen, cabinets play an important role in the design because they are more visible. So, it is the perfect way to add contrast with white kitchen cabinets. For classic kitchens with white cabinets, go for black countertop as it extracts a prominent contrast, which makes it more compelling in appearance. One of the ways of making a decision is to consult with some licensed professionals such as ASASA Kitchens, which provide kitchen renovation and remodeling services in Greater Toronto.