When you are planning to style your kitchen in an ultra-modern design, grey and white can pair together to complete any look.  Many color palettes such as white, tan, and beige have held their top position as the most popular kitchen types. On the other hand, the use of glossy grey color schemes is rising. When it comes to kitchen design, grey is creating its spot as the new important color. Grey color is modern and edgy; however, it remains timeless and traditional. Grey kitchen types can cover countertops, floors, walls, cabinets, appliances, and islands.

When you are using only one color is can create an outstanding statement but a mixture of two colors together for a look of modest sophistication. So it understood that grey is rapidly becoming the popular color in kitchen designing these days. The combination of white and grey makes a bold statement of the kitchen.

Here are some of the ideas for you to make your grey kitchen only work excellent but appear beautiful with white kitchen cabinets.

Why can a Grey Kitchen Appear Flawlessly with White Kitchen Cabinets?

Choosing the right color of your kitchen to match your white kitchen cabinets can be tough. There are many choices that are an excellent pairing with white kitchen cabinets. White cabinets in the kitchen are popular due to its enduring beauty and ability to pair with classic and trendy styles.

It can match excellently with a kitchen to get an eye-catching appearance. The combination of kitchen and white cabinets provides a bold look to the kitchen. A grey kitchen can give you a consistent choice with extreme flexibility. It cannot crash with white kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of the ways of a grey kitchen that can work flawlessly with white kitchen cabinets.

Grey Countertops:

There are many kinds of countertops that are available in the grey, from engineered stone to durable natural stone. The combination of grey and white provides a brilliant combination to improve the beauty of your kitchen to your taste. If you need to get more information about the material of the kitchen countertopASASA Kitchens will help you in selection.

Here are some of the types of grey countertops that can work correctly with white cabinets.

Grey Granite Countertop:

Granite is a type of natural stone and popular for kitchen countertops. Grey granite countertops are sleek and appear beautiful with white kitchen cabinets. Grey granite countertops are a flawless blend with white kitchen cabinets. White cabinets with grey countertops have an impressive effect on the style of the kitchen.

You can pair white cabinets with grey countertops to create a contemporary kitchen design. The grey granite countertop is prominent when combining with white cabinets. The pairing of these two colors works excellently for small kitchens.

Grey Marble Countertop:

Marble is one of the glamorous options for kitchen countertops that look comfortable with white cabinets. Its cost ranges from %45 to $240 per square foot. Grey marble countertops are the classical choice with white cabinets for top-notch kitchen. It provides the benefit of being cool to the touch. Its pricing depends on the style and size of the slab. Grey marble countertops with white kitchen cabinets appear charming and delightful.


Source: zillow

Grey Quartz Countertop:

Many countertop materials in the market are actually engineered stone that is the mixture of mineral with polymer resin added for more strength. Quartz is an engineered stone and available in hundreds of colors. Grey quartz countertop is durable, stain-resistant, and more affordable than other countertop materials.

It can provide an exotic style in low maintenance. Grey quartz countertop is the best choice with white cabinets for classical design and provides a glossy appearance. It can cost between $40 and $90 per square foot installed. Homeowners understand the combination of grey quartz countertops with white cabinets.

Grey Concrete Countertop:

Concrete is the most popular material for a kitchen countertop. Grey concrete countertop is durable and susceptible to stains and scratches. It all depends on your penchant; you can add glass, pebbles, and other items to make your grey concrete countertop’s pattern.

Grey concrete countertop is porous, but a surface sealer will create a glossy look. It creates a unique appearance with white kitchen cabinets. Grey concrete countertop is preferred because it cost less than other materials.


Source: idealhome

Grey Soapstone Countertop:

Soapstone is a natural stone composed primarily of talc. It is found in a unique variety of tones and veining characteristics. Grey soapstone countertop adds warmth to your kitchen with white cabinets.

In the traditional kitchen with white cabinets, grey soapstone countertop makes a rustic touch that appears more modern than classical.

Floor Tiles:

Grey color is popular in the design world from the last several years. These grey tiles are boldly plains and minimal. Grey tiles are envisioned for modern floors; there is plenty of designs that provide a different touch. Grey tiles provide a traditional appeal with white kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.

Tile is created from a collection of materials such as stone, clay, metal, quartz, and terrazzo.  Grey tiles keep the kitchen nice and cool in the summer months. Grey floor tiles in your kitchen will increase the value of your home.

Here are some of the unique design types of grey floor tiles.

Concrete Grey Tile:

Concrete grey tiles make a seamless and organized appearance in your kitchen. These tiles are perfect for injecting the modern and minimal touch with white cabinets.

Grey Decorated Tiles:

When you need the work of art in your kitchen, grey decorated tiles are a popular choice to start. These tiles are a practical way to add a playful touch and exotic appeal in your kitchen with white kitchen cabinets.

Grey Hexagon Tile:

These tiles are a perfect way to add light to your kitchen with white cabinets. Grey Hexagon tiles can work excellently in the kitchen with white kitchen cabinets.

Grey Stone Tiles:

When you are planning to place stone tiles in your kitchen, you naturally think about cream and beige tones. Grey stone tiles can provide a gentle appeal with white kitchen cabinets.

Source: tilemountain

Grey Backsplashes:

There are some fantastic options for kitchen backsplashes. They protect your kitchen’s walls from splashes and spills. Backsplashes are the essential aesthetic component to any kitchen design.

Here are some of the most common backsplashes that can go well with your kitchen design.

Grey Ceramic and Porcelain Tile:

Grey ceramic and porcelain tile is the most common backsplash option because of its diversity. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These grey backsplashes are resistant to heat and moisture and easy to clean. These grey porcelain tiles create an excellent combination with white kitchen cabinets.

Grey Glass Panels:

The glass panel is also trendy material with a modern appearance. The grey glass panel is modern, streamlined, and easy to clean. Grey glass panel creates an exotic look with white kitchen cabinets. It is an excellent choice for a kitchen with white cabinets that need a pop of color and improvement of light.

Grey Natural Stone Slabs:

Natural stone slabs are a popular option for backsplashes in your kitchen. It provides unique beauty to your kitchen. Many homeowners use the same material as the countertop on their kitchen’s backsplash. Grey natural stone backsplashes make a dramatic and classical appearance in your kitchen with white kitchen cabinets.

Grey Kitchen Islands:

Island design centers on making influence through innovative use of materials, colors, and technology. The design of the kitchen island will also blend with functional features. There are many materials that are available in the market for kitchen islands such as granite, marble, quartz, and concrete. These materials are used to make kitchen islands with a real wow factor.

These materials have a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishing techniques that provide you a vast selection. Grey granite is an excellent choice for a kitchen island. It gives a classic appeal with white cabinets. Grey Marble Island is also a perfect option for the kitchen. Grey Marble Island is durable and offers an exotic appeal with white cabinets.

Concrete Island:

A concrete island is also a popular option for a kitchen. The island is an important aesthetic element of kitchen design. Grey Concrete Island is sealed with sealer and provides a glossy look with white kitchen cabinets.

Quartz Island:

Quartz is also an outstanding choice for a kitchen island. It is available in many colors and patterns. It is the most durable material in the market. Many homeowners prefer quartz for their kitchen island because it is available in many colors and cost-effective than granite and marble. Grey quartz island provides an aesthetic appeal to your grey with white cabinets. All these materials are the perfect options for a kitchen island. According to 70% of experts, quartz will be the preferred choice for kitchen islands because they are cost-effective.

Kitchen islands are a great way of adding life to a kitchen. They can be contrasted excellently with white cabinets. We see increasing use of greys and whites in the kitchen provides a perfect modern appeal to your kitchen. Grey kitchen allows other components of kitchen design standout. Grey color is an excellent option for homeowners to make a unique aesthetic with trendy finishes.


Appliances play an important in kitchen designing. For homeowners, stainless steel always the most popular option of appliance finish. Many homeowners choose stainless steel to pair with their white kitchen cabinets in your  kitchen. You have many choices to select the color of your appliance. Whether you can choose a grey color appliance or you can use grey veneer to match your appliance with your kitchen. This can create a great blend of colors in the kitchen.


These are the ways of a grey kitchen that can go well with white kitchen cabinets. A kitchen with white cabinets offers a vintage appearance to your kitchen. For the modern kitchen, these ways play an integral part in the design of the kitchen because they are more visible. The blend of grey and white creates the kitchen more compelling in appearance.

These above ways of kitchen work perfectly with white cabinets in your kitchen. You have a choice to select these ways to make your kitchen look more attractive according to your taste and preference.